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CSR sustainability report according to GRI

Regardless of the industry and based on the content required by your stakeholders, we create a sustainability report that is individually tailored to your company.
This can be used in external communication and the fulfillment of customer and supplier requirements.

It can also fulfill other areas of EcoVadis and SAQ5, which means that the best validation results can be achieved. We also offer you the revision of existing sustainability reports as well as regular updates.

Sustainability reports for a positive image of your company

Sustainability and climate protection are important topics of our time. Companies can communicate their ecological efforts and progress in an annual report. This not only strengthens the company's image but also helps in the implementation of goals.

Our institute prepares sustainability reports for companies, public authorities and other institutions according to international standards. You can also have management systems and all content from the area of compliance processed and certified by us.

What does a sustainability report provide information about?

In a sustainability report, companies present and reflect on their activities and achievements concerning sustainable development. In addition to the annual report, the sustainability report is an important element for corporate communication. The topics of economy, ecology and social issues form the triad of the report. Thus, the focus is on the effects of one's actions on people and the environment, as well as on shaping corporate responsibility.

Ecological sustainability aims to preserve nature and the environment for future generations. Biodiversity, climate protection, the preservation of cultural and landscape areas in their original form as well as a generally careful treatment of the natural environment are the main components of a comprehensive concept.

Economic sustainability sees as a necessary basic requirement that the nature of the economic activity is oriented in such a way that it continues to provide a viable basis for income and prosperity. The protection of economic resources is of particular importance here.

Social sustainability sees the development of society as a path that enables long-term positive benefits for all members of a community. Social forces must be brought into harmony to achieve a liveable society in the long run.

Why is a sustainability report important for companies?

Sustainability has become an important social issue at all levels. By providing a transparent report on their ecological footprint and social responsibility, companies create trust among customers, business partners and employees and ensure a positive image.

At the same time, a sustainability report also strengthens the credibility of the company. Those who report transparently on their actions firmly anchor the principle of sustainability in their corporate strategy and work constantly to master ecological, social and economic challenges in a way that is fit for the future.

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